class, minx, miny, nx, ny, res, crs, map_type, lctable=None)[source]

Stores a roughness or elevation map in a raster format usable by WAsP routines.

  • values (ndarray) – Raster values of either elevation or roughness type

  • x0, y0 (float) – Lower Left x and y values (Cell Center value)

  • nx, ny (int) – Number of cells in x and y dimension

  • res (float) – Resolution of x and y dimensions (dx, dy)

  • crs (int, str, tuple, dict, – Coordinate Reference System

  • map_type (str) –

    Type of map. List of options:
    • ‘elevation’

    • ‘roughness’

    • ‘landcover’

  • lctable (LandCoverTable) – LandCoverTable class (Default: None)


__init__(values, minx, miny, nx, ny, res, ...)

from_rastermap(da[, lctable])

Create WaspRasterMap from raster object


Convert roughness map to landcover map

to_wasp_vectormap([dz, gsize])

Convert raster map to vector map