From WAsP to PyWAsP


The WAsP Graphical User Interface

The WAsP graphical user interface (GUI) for windows has been around since it was first released in the 1990’s. Working with WAsP through PyWAsP is obviously very different than through “WAsP GUI”, but the goal of PyWAsP is to make it seamless to work on projects in both environments. We will do this by providing I/O to all relevant WAsP files and by striving to ensure consistent calculations to the furthest extend possible. For most calculatons, this means relying on shared Fortran-based WAsP library.

To understand how the classical WAsP wind resouce assessment procedure works in PyWAsP, we have added the Classic WAsP step-by-step Tutorial.

The “WAsP GUI” bundle for Windows includes many different programs with a large array of capabilities and file types that are not yet incorporated into the PyWAsP API. Follow the Development Roadmap and Release Notes to see what features are planned and added with each PyWAsP release. Feel free to request features via