WindKit provides a Pythonic interface to read, write, and analyse many of the file formats used in the WAsP wind resource assessment program. Over time the project will include additional file types, and work to standardize the structures that are used in Wind Resource Assessment.

WindKit is built to include robust metadata for all objects, allowing for easier interoperability and reusability of different data sets.


WindKit does not provide an interface to calculate WAsP results. For that you need PyWAsP, which can be purchased from the WAsP Website .

Tools Using WindKit

  • Wind-validation

  • New European Wind Atlas data APIs




Rogier Floors, Peter Enevoldsen, Neil Davis, Johan Arnqvist, and Ebba Dellwik. From lidar scans to roughness maps for wind resource modelling in forested areas. Wind Energy Sci., 3(1):353–370, jun 2018. URL:, doi:10.5194/wes-3-353-2018.