Utility functions for working with wind data


resample_wind_and_direction(ds, freq[, ...])

Resample wind speed and direction to a given frequency.

rotor_equivalent_wind_speed(wind_speed, ...)

Calculate the rotor equivalent wind speed (REWS) from given wind speed and directions on height levels.

vinterp_wind_direction(wind_direction, ...)

Interpolate wind direction to a given height.

vinterp_wind_speed(wind_speed, height[, ...])

Vertically interpolate wind speed to a given height from other height levels.

wd_to_sector(wd[, bins, output_type, quantiles])

Convert wind directions to 0-based sector indices.

wind_direction(u, v)

Calculate wind directions from wind vectors.

wind_direction_difference(wd_obs, wd_mod)

Calculate the circular (minimum) distance between two directions (observed and modelled).

wind_speed(u, v)

Calculate wind speed from wind vectors.

wind_speed_and_direction(u, v)

Calculate wind speed and wind direction from wind vectors.

wind_vectors(ws, wd)

Calculate wind vectors u,v from the speed and direction.