Create empty datasets for various WindKit structures.

The datasets have the correct shape, dimensions, coordinates and data variables and can also be filled with meaningful random data.


empty_bwc(output_locs[, nsec, nbins, ...])

Create empty binned wind climate dataset.

empty_gwc(output_locs[, nsec, not_empty, ...])

Create empty generalized wind climate dataset.

empty_met_fields(output_locs[, nsec, ...])

Create empty dataset filled with met_fields

empty_pwc(output_locs[, nsec, not_empty, ...])

Empty predicted wind climate with optional variables.

empty_raster_map(output_locs, resolution[, ...])

Create empty raster map data array The values in the raster map are a 2d gaussian and the boundaries are defined by output_locs.

empty_tswc(output_locs[, date_range, ...])

Create empty time series wind climate dataset.

empty_wasp_site_factors(output_locs[, nsec, ...])

Create empty site-factors dataset.

empty_wv_count(output_locs[, nsec, nbins, ...])

Create empty wind vector count dataset.

empty_wwc(output_locs[, nsec, not_empty, seed])

Create empty weibull wind climate dataset.

empty_z0meso(output_locs[, nsec])

Empty site_factors with only z0meso and slfmeso.