class windkit.workspace.Workspace(tree, path)[source]

Workspace class for interacting with WAsP workspace XML files

  • tree (lxml.etree._ElementTree) – WAsP workspace XML tree

  • path (str or Path) – File path.


__init__(tree, path)

get_gwc(ID[, crs, west_east, south_north, ...])

Converts XML representation of gwc to WindKit gwc data structure.

get_object(ID[, map_type, crs])

Extracts object from .wwh file.

get_owc(ID[, crs])

Converts XML representation of owc to WindKit bwc data structure.

get_turbines(ID[, crs])

Extracts turbine positions from WWH and creates WindKit xarray DataArray.

get_vector_map(ID[, map_type, crs])

Extracts vector map from WWH and creates VectorMap object.


Instantiated Workspace class using WAsP Workspace Hierarchy (WWH) file.