A collection of functions for working with geospatial object supported by WindKit.

Supported objects include:

  1. Vector Maps in the form of geopandas objects: GeoDataFrame’s and GeoSeries’s

  2. Array-like data in the form of xarray objects: DataArray’s and xarray.Dataset’s. Four structures of array-like objects are supported:

    1. point (…, point) with x, y, and z-coordinates each of length point

    2. stacked_point (…, stacked_point) with x, y-coordiantes each of length stacked_point

    3. cuboid (…, height, south_north, west_east) this requires regular spacing in the south_north and west_east dimensions

    4. raster (…, south_north, west_east) this is an internal structure that behaves like a 2D cuboid