windkit.spatial.reproject(obj, to_crs, copy=True)[source]

Reprojects WindKit object a new CRS without changing the data.

If the input is a xarray.Dataset or xarray.DataArray with a ‘cuboid’ spatial structure, the spatial structure will be changed to ‘stacked_point’, since the coordiates of the new dataset will no longer be regularly spaced.


WindKit object with new projection

Return type:

geopandas.GeoDataFrame, xarray.DataArray,xarray.Dataset, or BBox

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This script reprojects the coordinates of the data, and reshapes the data from cuboid or raster to stacked_point. This is done so that none of the data is interpolated, but rather the coordinates are just changed to match those of the new projection. If you want to keep your data in cuboid or raster format, use the function warp instead, which however does do interpolation of the data.