windkit.get_map(bbox, dataset='NASADEM', band=None, source='planetary_computer', **kwargs)[source]

Download a map from the planetary computer or google earth engine.

Read about Microsofts planetary computer here:

Use of Microsofts Planetary Computer is subject to Planetary Computer terms of service:

Read about google earth engine here:

Use of google earth engine is subject to the Google Earth Engine terms of service:

For both Microsofts Planetary Computer and Earth Engine, each available dataset has an additional license from the dataset provider. Please check the license of the dataset you are downloading before using it.

  • bbox (windkit.spatial.BBox) – Bounding box of the map to download. Must be in “EPSG:4326” coordinates.

  • dataset (str, optional) –

    Dataset to download. For dtu the following datasets are available:

    ”Viewfinder” “ESA_CCI”

    For planetary computer the following datasets are available:

    ”ALOS” “CDEM_GLO30” “CDEM_GLO90” “NASADEM” “ESRI_10M9CLC” “ESRI_10M10CLC” “ESA_CCI” “WorldCover”

    For google earth engine the following datasets are available:

    ”CGLS-LC100”: “CORINE”: “MODIS”: “SRTM”: “NASADEM”: “ALOS”: “Globcover”: “WorldCover”:

  • band (str, optional) – Band to download. If None, the primary band is downloaded.

  • source (str, optional) – Source to download from. Can be “dtu”, “planetary_computer” or “earth_engine”. Default is “planetary_computer”.


The map as a DataArray.

Return type:



ValueError – If the source is not supported


Some datasets are available from both sources. For these datasets, some work has been done to ensure that the maps are consistent. Howewer, this cannot be guaranteed.