Readers and writers for vectormap objects.

VectorMaps are defined as collections of linestrings and metadata that represent either elevations, or the land-cover information. When working with land-cover lines, an additional LandCoverTable is required to map the land-cover ids to relevant parameters.

Here VectorMaps are represented as geopandas.GeoDataFrame objects. They can be read from and written to several different formats to support interoperability with different tools. We recommend using the Geopackage (.gpkg) format if you do not need to use one of the other formats. For interoperability with WAsP, you should use the .map format for elevation maps, and .gml for land-cover maps.


create_flat_vector_map(crs[, dist, bbox, ...])

Create a square flat elevation map, with bbox (-dist, -dist, dist, dist).

read_vector_map(filename[, crs, map_type, ...])

Read a vector_map from a file.


Split a combo mapfile into elevation and roughness files.

vector_map_to_file(gdf, filename[, lctable, ...])

Write a GeoDataFrame vector map to a vectorfile.

vector_map_to_gmlfile(gdf, filename[, ...])

Write vectormap in GeoDataFrame format to GML format.

vector_map_to_mapfile(gdf, filename[, ...])

Write vector_map in GeoDataFrame format to WAsP mapfile format.