class pywasp.lincom.FourierSpace(nx_proj, ny_proj, nx_comp, ny_comp, bigl, expnsl, exprsl, un, aun, ur, ustarp, orography, hx, dhdx, dhdy, rgh0, iarr, rarr, wind, srs)[source]

FourierSpace object

The FourierSpace contains the result from l1fou as well as some of the input data that was requested. This is used to create wind level at specified heights above ground level.

  • nx_proj, ny_proj (int) – Number of points in the x and y dimension of the project space

  • nx_comp, ny_comp (int) – Number of points in the x and y dimensions of the computational space. Currently these are 1.5 times the project dimensions.

  • bigl (numpy.ndarray) – OuterLengthScale (1/2 comp domain size)

  • expnsl (numpy.ndarray) – Exponential height factor (1/2 comp domain size)

  • exprsl (numpy.ndarray) – Exponential roughness factor (1/2 comp domain size)

  • un (numpy.ndarray) – Terrain elevation perturbation (3 times comp domain size)

  • aun (numpy.ndarray) – Terrain elevation perturbation (1/2 comp domain size)

  • ur (numpy.ndarray) – Roughness perturbation (3 times comp domain size)

  • ustarp (numpy.ndarray) – Friction Velocity Grid (comp domain size)

  • orography (numpy.ndarray) – Terrain grid (Project domain size)

  • hx (numpy.ndarray) – Terrain inclination wind speed direction in degrees (project domain size)

  • dhdx (numpy.ndarray) – Terrain inclination in x-direction (comp domain size)

  • dhdy (numpy.ndarray) – Terrain inclination in y-direction (comp domain size)

  • rgh0 (numpy.ndarray) – Roughness updated with water values (project domain size)

  • iarr (numpy.ndarray) – Array of integer settings

  • rarr (numpy.ndarray) – Array of floating-point settings

  • wind (Dataset) – Input wind used to create fourier space

  • srs (CRS object) – PyProj.CRS of projection used in simulation


FourierSpace – Object with the requested settings


__init__(nx_proj, ny_proj, nx_comp, ny_comp, ...)

create_fourier_space(ter_grid, lc_grid, ...)

Creates a Fourier space object


Instantiate FourierSpace class from a .zip file


Save to zip file that can be converted back to fs object