pywasp.lincom.create_wind(wind_type, speed, w_height, z0, we, sn, srs, direction=None, nsec=12)[source]

Creates an xarray object defining the input wind for a LINCOM simulation


This function is experimental and its signature may change.

  • wind_type (str) – Type of LINCOM wind to create, can be one of “geostropic”, “generalized”, or “observed”

  • speed (float) – The wind speed to store at each location

  • w_height (float) – Height of the wind

  • z0 (float) – Roughness length for the wind

  • we, sn (float) – Location for the wind

  • srs (int, dict, str or CRS) – Value to create pyproj.CRS object or an existing pyproj.CRS object

  • direction (float, optional) – Direction of the wind (degrees), by default None. If None, then nsec will be used otherwise direction is use.

  • nsec (int, optional) – Number of sectors to apply the wind to, by default 12. Only used if direction is None.


xarray.Dataset – Dataset containing a representation of the wind