class pywasp.lincom.WindLevel(fou_space, du_terrain, du_roughness, du_total, flow_inc, u, height)[source]

WindLevel object

The WindLevel contains the wind speed, flow inclination angle and derivatives that can be used to create result data. In addition, this object can be converted to an xarray Dataset to visualize some of the key layers as done in WAsP Engineering.

Results are prepared for the entire grid in the raster. If you wish to extract results for certain points you should use get_wind_points after building your WindLevel.

For WindLevel wind components, u is along the mean flow direction, and v is cross flow.


This function is experimental and its signature may change.

  • fou_space (FourierSpace) – FourierSpace object FourierSpace object used to create wind level

  • du_terrain, du_roughness, du_total (numpy.ndarray) – 1D Array of wind derivatives due to orography, roughness, and the total Contains 3 derivatives for each component of the 3D wind vector at each point

  • flow_inc (numpy.ndarray) – 1D Array of the flow inclination angle

  • u (numpy.ndarray) – 1D Array of all 3 components of the wind vector at each point

  • height (float) – height above ground level of results


__init__(fou_space, du_terrain, ...)

get_wind_level(fou_space, height)

Calculate wind level data from fourier space


Instantiate WindLevel class from .zip file


Create a Wind Level dataset to hold the wind information


Save to zip file that can be converted back to wind_level object