pywasp.lincom.create_lut(nsec, wind_speeds, out_ds, oro_grid, rgh_rast)[source]

Run LINCOM to create lookup table for extreme wind estimation

  • nsec (int) – Number of sectors to include in lookup table

  • wind_speeds (list or numpy.ndarray) – List of wind speeds to include in lookup table

  • out_ds (xarray.Dataset) – Dataset containing the spatial structure to calculate

  • oro_grid (xarray.DataArray) – Raster of orographic heights as a DataArray

  • rgh_rast (RasterMap) – Raster of roughness lengths as a RasterMap


out (xarray.Dataset) – Extreme wind lookup table


This routine is setup to run LINCOM for creating lookup tables. It will run for the provided wind speeds and sectors. Outputing only the downscaled wind speed and direction.