pywasp.lincom.get_return_wind(pewc, return_period=50, pewc_max_interval=None)[source]

Use the Gumbel distribution to find the return wind and uncertainty


This function is experimental and its signature may change.

  • pewc (xarray.Dataset) – PyWAsP PEWC dataset with max_wspd variable, and only year and geospatial dimensions

  • return_period (float, optional) – Return period in years to calculate the max wind speed and uncertainty By default 50 (years)

  • pewc_max_interval (float, optional) – Maximum interval in years, by default None


out_ds (Dataset) – PyWAsP Dataset of the same spatial structure as pewc, containing the Gumbel distributions Alpha and Beta parameters, the extreme wind speed, and the uncertainty of the extreme wind speed.


pewc_max_interval is likely 1, the period of each year