pywasp.wasp.add_met_fields(wco, fields='emergent', air_dens=None)[source]

Add additional fields to a weibull wind climate object

This function can adds post-processed variables to a wind climate with sectorwise A’s and k’s.


This function is experimental and its signature may change.

  • wco (xarray.Dataset) – Wind Climate object (Weibull or binned)

  • fields (str or list) – Either a string = [“all”, “emergent”, “combined”, “sector”] or a list of possible field values. A variable containing a list of included values for each string can be found by appending_fields to the string name listed here.

  • air_dens (DataArray or float) – xr.DataArray with air densities with the same dimensions as wco. Default is None, where it will first check if variable air_density is present in the wco and if not, add it. One can also set a float to use, which will be broadcasted to dimensions of wco.


xarray.Dataset – Updated dataset with additional fields