pywasp.wasp.set_hgts(height_from=None, height_to=None, n=5)[source]

Set generalized lib heights automatically


This function is experimental and its signature may change.

  • height_from (numpy, optional) – 1D array of heights of source site in meter, by default None

  • height_to (numpy, optional) – 1D array of heights of target site in meter, by default None


zst (numpy) – 1D array of standard heights


The standard heights are set according to the following procedure: - we always know the height where we generalize from, so this is a required argument and the height of standard heights that is closest to this value is modified to height_from. - if we also know the height where we apply our generalize climate it can be specified

The standard heights used in WAsP are [10., 25., 50., 100., 200.]. These heights should span typical turbine heights and are for applying the generalized wind climate: it will interpolate from the four cornerpoints in which the target height and roughness are located by simple logarithmic interpolation.

The generalized standard values are set by selecting the percentiles corresponding to the number of intervals n. So for n=5, elements at 0, 0.2, … 1.0 etc are chosen.