pywasp.wasp.gross_aep(pwc, wtg, use_sectors=True, interpolate=False, air_density=None)[source]

Calculate annual energy production (AEP), using the WAsP core Fortran implementation, from predicted wind climate(s) and Wind Turbine Generator(s) or WindTurbines object.

  • pwc (Dataset) – Predicted Wind Climate (PWC). At a minimum the PWC should include the following variables: A, k, wdfreq

  • wtg (Dataset or wk.WindTurbines) – One Wind Turbine Generator as a xr.Dataset or a wk.WindTurbines object Containing groups of WTGs and locations.

  • use_sectors (bool) – Whether to use sectors (“A” and “k”) or total (“A_combined” and “k_combined”)

  • interpolate (bool) – Whether to use power curve interpolation.


Dataset – Gross Annual Energy Production in GWh for each turbine/location.