pywasp.wasp.weibull_fit(bwc, include_met_fields=None, keep_attrs=True, nsecs=None)[source]

Returns sectorwise Weibull parameters using WAsP’s fitting algorithm


This function is experimental and its signature may change.

  • bwc (xarray.Dataset) – Binned wind climate xr.Dataset object

  • include_met_fields (list of str) – Calculate the included meteorological variables, see fields argument to pywasp.wasp.wind_climate.add_met_fields for more details. (Default: None, which means to not include any meteorological fields)

  • keep_attrs (bool) – Should we keep the attributes from the Binned Wind Climate (Default: True)

  • nsecs (int) – Number of sectors to fit the weibull, if different from number of sectors in bwc (Default: None, which means to keep the same number of sectors as in the bwc)


xarray.Dataset – Weibull Wind Climate of same spatial extent as the input bwc