TopographyMap.get_elev_rose(output_locs, nsecs=12, conf=None)[source]

Create elevation rose for a set of output locations from a given map


This function is experimental and its signature may change.

  • output_locs (xarray.Dataset) – xarray dataset with location information according to the PyWAsP standard (south_north, west_east, height).

  • nsecs (int) – Number of sectors

  • conf (Config) – Configuration information from WAsP


_ElevRose – Elevation rose at requested locations as a stacked_point structure on the map CRS.


This method allows both vector and raster maps. It tries first the standard way using sq_polint (vector maps), if that fails it tries to use grid-polint This calls sq_polint to get the RIX parameters, which are then used in sqmasage to calculate the expansion coefficients for the BZ model at a given point on the map. This routine does not treat displacements heights, for that use get_site_effects