TopographyMap.get_rou_rose(output_locs, nsecs=None, conf=None, elev_rose=None)[source]

Create a roughness rose xarray object for all points


This function is experimental and its signature may change.

  • output_locs (xarray.Dataset) – xarray dataset with location information according to the PyWAsP standard (south_north, west_east, height).

  • nsecs (int) – Number of sectors, default use sector dimension from output_locs

  • conf (Config) – Configuration information from WAsP, default use default configuration

  • elev_rose (xarray.Dataset) – The displacement height due to forest is added to the elevation rose. If None, a dummy elev_rose is created and passed into the fortran but not used.


tuple (xarray.Dataset,xarray.Dataset or None) – A tuple where the first element is a dataset with the roughness roses at all points, and the second element is a dataset with the updated elevation rose. The second element is only returned if an elev_rose is defined, otherwise the second element is None.


This calls the internal rou_rose function.